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Building a POWERFUL BRAND is about the story you tell!

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Imagine going to a party and witnessing one person mesmerizing the room! The crowd laughs, cheers, and cries. Their emotions race and, you feel the joy, love and admiration in the room. Now, imagine a person, at the same party, sitting in the corner, lonely, miserable and spectating as life passes them by. Do you want to be the first person or the second? Well, when you don't tell your story, your brand is the equivalent of the person sitting quietly in the corner while other's brands steal the show. We created narrative marketing to make you the cool kid in the room!

Client: Chantel Fakhry & Lord D'Andre $mith

Project Type: Narrative Music Video

Description: We shot a music video for an upcoming artist. The visuals and concepts were a collaboration.

Website : theXiiicampaign

Client: Kenneth Zenon & Jeremy Williams

Project Type: Narrative Marketing™ Mini-Documentary

Description: This Narrative Marketing™ campaign allowed customer to connect with the brand. People felt connected to Gofer because the story made the brand feel more genuine. 

Website :

ClientWilliam Harwell

Project Type: Narrative Marketing™ Full Documentary

Description: When Will needed to create a Narrative Marketing™ campaign that allowed people to know who he was without just adding a stale description to his about page, we created "Confessions of a Nightlife Architect". This story chronicled Will's rise from being a server at a seafood restaurant to a prominent Houston promoter!

Website :

ClientJonathan "Zoo" Glover

Project Type: Narrative Marketing™ Mini-Documentary

Description: It was important to make Zoous customs stand-out. There are thousands of clothing brand but our research found that the story of the brand is what keeps people coming back.

Website :

Client: William Harwell

Project Type: Narrative Marketing™ Short-Film

Description: The Incrowd came to us and wanted to create a promotional campaign that cut through the clutter in the Houston promotional scene. So, we created a short film that promoted the party, told the story, and kept the audience entertained. 

Website :

Client: William Harwell

Project Type: Narrative Marketing™ Commercial

Description: After partnering with Matthew Knowles to bring a different nightlife experience to Houston, Texas, we choose to create a bold campaign that targeted an upscale audience!

Website :

Don't Just Sit There! Start Narrative Marketing™.

Marketing guru Seth Godin once said "Marketing is no longer about the stuff you make, but about the story you tell". With the influence of video marketing and social media can you really afford not to tell your story? Narrative Marketing is the perfect blend of marketing, sales and branding that will make your brand irresistible. So what are you waiting for?