When two entrepreneurs are fed up with societies standards of success they create a podcast designed to take you from your Mama's House to a Penthouse!


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What The Penthouse People Are Saying

The Opinions expressed by Prinston Hicks and Darrell Edmond do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Centiverse Incorporated, The Massive Action Movement of CountryBumpkins.org.

A Band of Unconventional Entrepreneurs Reveal The Secret of Going From Your Mama's House to A Penthouse.

Prinston Hicks (@prinstonhicks) and Darrell Edmond (@countrycowboyy) are two Houston Based entrepreneurs helping others create their own reality. Societies tells you who you are supposed to be. However, these two entrepreneurs are redefining what's necessary to be successful, and they show you how you can do the same. Prinston and Darrell blend comedy, drama, and life changing insights to help you become successful.

College Dropout spends years studying while sleeping on the floor to bring you life-changing insights.

Prinston Hicks (@prinstonhicks) has spent over 10+ years building businesses.  When he was unable to take care of himself he was forced to move back into his mothers house. It was then he had a dream that said: "You create the world around you!". This inspired him to create change. He read over 500 books and experimented for 2 years to unlock the secrets to creating success and personal change in people's lives. His message still fell on deaf ears! That is, until he met Darrell Edmond (@countrycowboyy).

Broke college student with only 3 pairs of clothes leaves his Mama's to Live in a Penthouse with these secrets.

Darrell Edmond (@countrycowboyy) started overweight, no friends, and not a dollar to his name. After graduating from Texas Southern University he felt his life was going nowhere. The thought of working a traditional job made him sick to his stomach. When he saw no way out he decided to take a chance and create his own business. The pressure of entrepreneurship seemed overwhelming. His time became nonexistent his social life evaporated and his business was on the brink of collapse. That's when he met Prinston (Mr. Hicks as he calls him) (@prinstonhicks) and learned the secrets that turned it all around.